Kristofferson’s Got Grit, Bringing Role to Life in ‘Hickok’

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Born in Brownsville, Texas to a U.S. Army Air Corps family, Kris Kristofferson was pushed towards a military career at a young age. Balking the nudge, however, he went on to an acclaimed career in music and film following a successful college career at Pomona in California, and Oxford in Britain. Since then, we’ve known him as one of the Highwaymen, and a powerful force in acting, including starring roles in a number of westerns, and co-starring with the likes of Johnny Cash as well as Willie Nelson in movies of various genres. Most recently, however, he picked up his role as a western performer, appearing with fellow country music singer and actor Trace Adkins in the recently released “Hickok.”

Out in theaters on July 7th of this year, the film stars Luke Hemsworth in the lead role of Wild Bill Hickock, infamous gunslinger and outlaw. Attempting to escape his past by settling in Abilene, Kansas, Hickok captivates the small town’s mayor, played by Kristofferson. He proceeds to offer him a job as the town marshal based on his unparalleled gun skills. His attempts to provide protection to the town are quickly challenged by a band of outlaws, among which is the influential saloon owner, Phil Poe (played by Adkins).

Poe’s relationship with Hickok’s ex-lover brings the standard movie tension we’ve all come to know and love, to a not-so-standard western flick. Poe places a bounty on Hickok’s head, but with some assistance, Wild Bill proceeds to fight back to save the town of Abilene from harm. Shared on the Cinedigm YouTube channel, the official trailer for “Hickok” is a sign of things to see – must-see in fact. Kristofferson, a multi-talented, award-winning actor, is no stranger to this genre, although the brand which is now being released out of Hollywood is somewhat more than a purist’s preference might sway them towards. This movie has fleeting gritty language, minute nudity, but enough of both to bring the younger crowds to the show. Through it all, his performance is steady, and as an actor, he remains a box-office attraction. As a result, “Hickok” makes a great 2017 western movie to see and add to your collection.


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