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Is It Possible for the City of Kyle to Become the ‘Pie Capital of Texas’?

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In the year 2000, Kyle, Texas had a population of fewer than 5,000 people. Now it hovers at approximately 43,000 (less than 2 decades later), and city officials estimate growth potential to 50,000 by the year 2020. Where, at one time, there was very little business, the sky’s the limit for places like the Texas Pie Company, which is no pie-in-the-sky dream…it’s a reality that could soon see Kyle becoming the “Pie Capital of Texas.”

“In the very beginning, I might get one customer, two customers, three a day. Now, we do 2 to 300 a day,” the owner of the Texas Pie Company recently told KVUE. They opened their doors in 2000, and while the business maintained itself in a previous location, Kyle has been its home ever since. The company won H-E-B’s competition for Texas’ Best in 2016, Texas Pie Company won H-E-B’s Quest for Texas’ Best, and now their products are sold in over 250 H-E-B stores throughout the state, also helping publicity. “H-E-B was very instrumental in getting our name out into communities that had not ever heard of us. So those grocery stores – H-E-B has done a lot of advertising for Texas Pie Company, and for Kyle as an entity. So we bring a lot of people in that would not normally visit Kyle, other than a pie pilgrimage,” said Chef Julie Albertson, who has estimated that approximately 75 percent of their business came from tourism.

Is It Possible for the City of Kyle to Become the ‘Pie Capital of Texas?’

Photo: Facebook/The Texas Pie Company

Inspired by the success of the Texas Pie Company, whose motto, incidentally, is “Life is Short, Eat More Pie!” officials of the city of Kyle are now working to brand it as the “Pie Capital of Texas.” Diana Torres, Kyle’s Director of Economic Development, explained to the local news, “We’ve been thinking about what has been the brand for the City of Kyle. And what can we use to really put us on the map and draw people off the highway.” Scott Sellers, City Manager, further identified, “Our hope is to bring people in off the interstate. Find people that wouldn’t otherwise come to Kyle, but want something as American as apple pie, to spend their weekend spending money on. They can do that here in Kyle.” In that respect, the city has since applied to the U.S. Patent and Trade Office for a trademark on “Pie Capital of Texas.”  And, to receive that trademark, the city is required to incorporate the branding of this message within the community. Is it possible for that to happen? Anything’s possible. After all, this is Texas we’re talking about!