Small Texas Town’s New Art Installation is Confusing Visitors

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Tony Maples Photography


L Bar Western Art in Stephenville, Texas is baffling some visitors with its newest installation, but it isn’t a new art piece. It’s simply an old drugstore sign.

Owners Bill Lowrance and Marion Cole thought that refurbishing the timeworn Rexall sign that hug on the building during its past life would provide a respectful nod to the building’s history. It never crossed their minds that people might think that the old store was still in business!

Lowerance told the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, “It’s been insane. I’ve gotten 10 to one people coming in looking for a drugstore. Rexall went our of business around 40 years ago, so it’s amazing people still think it’s around.”

Despite the funny mix-ups, L Bar Western Art provides Stephenville with a wonderful home for artwork. Lowrance’s love for his artistic dealings shined as he talked to the Tribune.

“We’ve got some great artists and sculptors represented here. Our art is high quality and we try to keep things affordable so people can own some wonderful art. It’s been a great business and the people we’ve met are just out of this world.”

Even though some people may not know exactly what they’re walking into, they’ll find 47 artists’ works represented in the old Rexall building’s current tenant.