Ladies in Leather Motorcycle Event to Hit Llano This Coming Weekend!

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What started less than a year ago by a female motorcycle enthusiast has since grown into a viral sisterhood—the Ladies in Leather Parade & Rally. A Facebook group was launched in honor of an often-overlooked segment of the motorcycle market in February 2019. Its mission was to connect female motorcyclists; a market which has nearly doubled in size in the past decade and found a home with groups such as this and rides like the Ladies in Leather motorcycle parade happening in Llano, in the Texas Hill Country, September 13-15, 2019.

Upon the creation of the Ladies in Leather Parade & Rally Facebook group, a veritable social media floodgate opened. Not only women motorcycle enthusiasts from across the U.S., but globally, began to share their love for owning and riding their bikes. Although social media offered a means to connect, they longed for the opportunity to come together, share their experiences and stories, and celebrate their passion. Likewise, they wanted to ride together! So, this September in 2019, the Ladies in Leather are riding into Llano, Texas.

Ladies in Leather to Hit Llano This Coming Weekend!

Photo: Facebook/Ladies in Leather Parade & Rally

This year’s event, intended to draw hundreds of female motorcyclists to Llano, is being held in the Hill Country with the expectation of not only a scenic ride, but a weekend filled with empowerment and education. Event coordinator Amber Waybright spoke with in an interview on Tuesday, September 10, 2019. She said that a recent study by the Motorcycle Industry Council found that nearly 20% of motorcycle owners in the U.S. are female, which makes it the fastest-growing market segment, and one that has yet to be coordinated into the supportive, cohesive mass that attends such events in full force. Registration means more than just a T-shirt and a swag bag. It means a movement of sorts is happening, and she’s proud to be a part of it.

Ladies in Leather Motorcycle Event to Hit Llano This Coming Weekend!
Photo: Facebook/Deanne Bradley/Ladies in Leather Parade & Rally

“We want to empower and educate women on motorcycles; give them a better understanding of their bikes, what to do in emergencies, offer classes, demonstrations, and DIYs that prove beneficial to the followers of our group and future members,” Waybright explained. “We offer safety checks, tips on what to do if you’re the first person on the scene of an accident, and so much more. We leave all of our other hats at home when we attend this event, which is all about ladies in leather first and foremost. We want this group to know we’re here to support them and acknowledge their love and enthusiasm for their motorcycles with a network of like-minded ladies.”

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