Comedian Larry the Cable Guy Accidentally Breaks a Man’s Arm

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Comedian Larry the Cable Guy and a young man were arm wrestling for fun during a Nebraska-Illinois college football game last week. As seen on the video released by TMZ, a kid stood between them as a judge/referee. The battle was obviously very evenly matched as both men turned as red as their shirts while trying to push their opponent’s arm down. All of a sudden, the tension became too much, and Larry the Cable Guy’s opponent’s arm snapped. The sound was sickening and completely arresting. Everyone looked absolutely shocked, including the poor man who was left with a broken arm.

How can a bone break during a wrestling match? Dr. John Arnold from the University of South Australia told ABC, “Because you have your elbow fixed and then you are trying to push against the other person, you are then twisting your humerus. That motion, which would normally be taken up at the elbow, is actually getting transferred into the humerus. So, you are getting a twist in the humerus which usually results in a spiral fracture.”

The video is featured below, but it’s enough to make even someone with the strongest of constitutions feel woozy. Obviously, the man will be fine, and there was no ill will when it came to the match, but it’s still very disturbing.