This Strain of Ladybugs Might Get Stuck to Your Dog’s Mouth

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While news stories have covered the realization that what we think of as native ladybugs are actually Asian beetles brought to the U.S. in the 60s, there’s another noteworthy aspect to these plentiful bugs. The strain of ladybugs you’re most likely seeing a bunch of in your yard can take care of your aphid problems, but they can also latch onto your dog’s mouth.

KHOU reports that dogs who have tried to eat these bugs are experiencing quite a bit of discomfort. “Signs your dog may have eaten some Asian Lady Beetles include lethargy and foaming at the mouth,” they say. Also, the ladybugs can stick to the roof of their mouths and cause ulcers.

KWCH posted a photo along with a story about a woman who found a cluster of the insects in her dog’s mouth after she noticed her pet was acting ill. Dr. Lindsay Mitchell told the news, “Definitely it’s painful. They’ll have some pain, they won’t want to eat as well, and they run the chance of infection if they have those ulcers there.” She added that you can pull the insects out of your dog’s mouth carefully.

These Asian lady beetles can also bite humans, but it’s more of an annoyance than painful or harmful. Of course, humans should avoid eating them as well.