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Recreational Boat Ban on Lake Travis Until Further Notice

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The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) has closed Lake Travis to boating until further notice due to large debris being swept into Central Texas waterways as a result of recent flooding in the Texas Hill Country.

Days, If Not Weeks…


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Unsure as to when the ban will be lifted, John Hoffman, LCRA head of water operations advised in a statement that, depending on rainfall the Hill Country, the closure of Lake Travis to recreational boating traffic will be “days for sure” if not weeks.

Large Debris Makes Boating Dangerous


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The closure has been made due to large objects being washed out of yards along the lake and its tributaries during the last week’s rain storms, resulting in debris such as benches and barbecue pits being submerged just below the surface of the lake, possibly making boating dangerous. This is a stark contrast to lake levels this time last year, which sat approximately 50 feet lower.

Better Safe Than Sorry


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Although local officials have confirmed that they feel confident in having identified all objects with the potential to puncture or otherwise cause damage to boats, the LCRA will not lift the boating ban on Lake Travis until its waters begin receding – a ban similar to the ones also in effect on all Highland Lakes south of Lake Buchanan, as well as Lady Bird Lake.

Caution is the Order of the Day/Week(s)


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Lake Travis, which is now at 121 percent capacity, is part of a series of artificial reservoirs designed as a component of flooding control mechanisms from the Colorado River. As of this story, its capacity was being monitored and controlled by the LCRA in a release downstream to Lake Austin, and the recreational boating ban will be maintained until further notice.