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These Laughing Moms Are an Internet Sensation With Their Hilarious Videos.

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Chosen as one of the best mom blogs of 2017, laughingmom.com is fast becoming an internet sensation and go to spot for some true to heart mom stories. Created by “Alisha found Eden,” these Texas moms, known as “Laughing Moms,” offer up some laugh out loud humor about the every day struggles most moms face on a daily basis with the challenges of motherhood.

They write stories, they vlog and create these videos based on real life experiences set to the tunes of popular music hitting the airwaves such as the latest music craze everyone is dancing to called “Despacito,” by Luis Fonsi, featuring Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber. The internet is full of folks doing covers of this song, but none like these “Laughing Moms” doing their take on the struggle of getting kids ready and out the door as their kids tend to move at a snail’s pace. The song itself translates to “slowly.”

Their motto as shared on their website and Facebook page, “Because an ugly laugh makes life more beautiful! Come laugh with us! #WeLaughHardWeLaughUgly.

Dads, grandmas, grandpas, and anyone who can appreciate the humorous side of motherhood are welcomed into their world of parodies highlighting some of the funniest moments of their life and other mothers daily routines. They invite anyone with a funny story, video, or picture to send it in for a chance to be featured on their blog for everyone to enjoy. “Let’s change the world together, one laugh (and one diaper) at a time!” shares their website.

Having been featured on the cover of “Parents Magazine,” “The Today Show,” radio programs, and various write ups, these “Laughing Moms” have a little a bit of everything to bring to the table to not only give you a good laugh, but provide yummy recipes, mom style dos and don’ts, product reviews and more.

For more on these Texas moms, visit laughingmoms.com