Laura Bush’s Texas Buttermilk Coconut Pie With Whipped Cream is a Recipe You’ll Treasure

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In 2014, the America’s Table blog posted an article with respect to Laura Bush’s hospitality and thoughtfulness of visitors that attended the White House in Washington. “She understood and exemplified the desire to give every White House guest a memory of a lifetime and beyond because each guest’s visit becomes a part of their personal family history.  She thought carefully about every event she hosted: how it could be exceptional, how the food and flowers could in some way reflect the occasion, how the calligraphy honored the attendees – it was a package of small but important details that led to a great party,” explained the writer. Such is the case with the recipe for Laura Bush’s Texas Buttermilk Coconut Pie With Whipped Cream. It exemplifies an experience unlike any other, it’s exceptional in taste, and could call up the memory of a wonderful time with family or friends in a heartbeat.

Although the recipe share was meant as a thank-you from a staff member, honoring Mrs. Bush for her shared knowledge, and celebrating her birthday to boot (November 4 was the original post date), it’s one for your pinning stash, recipe collection, or “favorites” bar. You’ll most definitely want to try it on almost any day of the week!

Laura Bush’s Texas Coconut Pie With Whipped Cream

Laura Bush’s Texas Buttermilk Coconut Pie With Whipped Cream is a Recipe You’ll Treasure


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Sweetened, shredded coconut


Whipped Cream

Unbaked nine-inch pie shell


America’s Table has kindly posted the full recipe ingredients listing together with preparation instructions, which are considerably (and delightfully) simple when you consider the presentation of this delicious pie. A treasured addition to any family reunion feast, not to mention a great final course to your backyard summer gatherings, this coconut pie has a taste sensation all its own, which can hardly be defined except by those who have had the pleasure of trying it, to the traditional ovation of “Mmmm.” Get your baking supplies in order and set aside some time to get creative with this one-of-a-kind Texas treat you’ll most definitely want a piece of!