The Laurel Tree is a Cut Above the Rest…aurants

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Utopia, Texas, has a name of course that conjures up something divine and ideal: a Shangri-La if you will. Well The Laurel Tree, situated there in the Texas Hill Country, couldn’t hit the nail on the head any more than if the two were magnetized. Marked by a field of red poppies (which, for artsy types with a sense of humor, always brings up the scene from The Wizard of Oz, where the Wicked Witch is putting everyone to sleep…but we digress…) and a beautiful, and equally red, 1950-something pickup truck, is an awe-inspiring, 450-year-old old oak tree. The impressive part, and what really makes this seem like “Utopia,” is that Laurel Waters, chef and owner of The Laurel Tree, with the help of Animal Planet’s “Treehouse Masters,” has transformed this tree into a private dining room.

Treehouse Dining at its Finest

The Laurel Tree is a Cut Above the Rest…aurants

Photo: Facebook/The Laurel Tree

Now, we’re pretty sure that almost every child at some point, has either imagined their treehouse, planned it, or incessantly watched the Berenstein Bears in hopes that one day, they too could live, work, and eat in the trees! Laurel has made that happen. And it’s an incredible dream come true! Ascending a ramp to the dining area, which can seat a party of six, the transformation of tree to totally cool culinary fort is not necessarily only for the young, but also the young-at-heart. Perfect for intimate dinners, anniversaries, birthdays, and even engagements, The Laurel Tree was an investment made based on suggestion, which has paid off. Laurel was already running a successful restaurant and slowly making the necessary additions as its popularity and customers multiplied when the suggestion to create a dining room from one of the existing oak trees was made by Pete Nelson after he and the Treehouse Masters crew came through town.

Pete Nelson & The Treehouse Masters Suggest a Plan

The Laurel Tree is a Cut Above the Rest…aurants
Photo: Pinterest/Kayla Enochs

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