Learn How to Wrap Presents Like This to Save Tons of Time

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BoredPanda recently reminded us that a couple of years ago a video of a man wrapping presents went viral. The reason it gained over 14.4 million views was that its subject, an employee at Takashimaya Department Store in Japan, was able to beautifully wrap a gift in roughly 12 seconds.

For those of us who struggle to get a crisp crease on the corners of packages, the wrapping technique in the video looked like magic. Thankfully, someone has taken the time to slow the video down and explain to the unenlightened how to perfectly wrap a present in the Japanese style.

YouTuber BeatTheBush presented the wrapping technique step-by-step. The method uses the same amount of paper as the style we often see in America, but it could decrease the amount of tape needed, and it looks incredibly precise and crisp.

Of course, not everyone can master the system. YouTube user Nightbird commented, “This looks so easy on this video..YET..when I try it..I end up totally wrinkling up my gift paper and the end product looks horrible! =(“ Perhaps some of us will always have to resort to using sacks and tissue paper.

Both the original viral video of the department store employee and the how-to can be seen below.