Legacy Plaza: A Link to the Past With a View of the Future

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In the historic town of Goldthwaite, Texas is a veritable Eden of botanicals, history, and exploration. The Legacy Plaza, which houses the Texas Botanical Gardens and the Goldthwaite Welcome Center, is located in the very heart of downtown. This perfect blend of history and charm is dedicated in memory of J. Waddy Bullion.

The Center’s mission is, “to provide a dynamic, interactive, lifelong learning experience while identifying, preserving and showcasing the rich prehistoric and environmental aspects of rural Central Texas.”

Whether seeking adventure, to discover a piece of history of the great state of Texas, or simply needing to stop and smell the wildflowers, it all awaits at the Legacy Plaza.

Legacy Plaza is open daily for guests to come and wander through the gardens or stop by the visitor center.

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Schedule a class field-trip or bring a team or group for a guided tour. Plenty of hands-on, real-world, educational opportunities are available.

Wander the grounds and walk in the footsteps of former First Lady Laura Bush.

Laura Bush, Legacy Plaza, Botanical Gardens, Goldthwaite, Hill Country

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Former First Lady, Laura Bush, is the founder of Taking Care of Texas – a major partner and collaborator with the Texas Botanical Gardens and Native American Interpretive Center since 2011.

The gardens also encourage a deeper appreciation of Native American culture.

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Guests are invited and inspired to develop a new cultural mindset by learning how Native Americans once roamed the land and how they used the native plants to survive.

The Texas Botanical Gardens are a legacy of sustainability and green living.

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With the use of sustainable design, including the use of local materials in construction, the garden conserves water, preserves natural resources, and encourages responsible land use.  All in hopes that the legacy of sustainability left by the ancient Native American ancestors will guide society’s choices in these modern times.

From small beginnings grow big ideas.

legacy plaza, goldthwaite, Texas, hill country

Photo: Facebook/Legacy Plaza

Furthermore, this ode to green living and history is just the tip of the proverbial ice-berg. Plans are in the works for a Pavilion to be completed in 2017 and a Native American Interpretive Center, which will be, “a model “green” community cultural and educational facility where people of all ages can discover and explore the lifestyles and cultures of the ancient Texans” (

History and Nature collide in this unique piece of Texas. To learn more about the Legacy Plaza or to schedule a tour visit their website.