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Legal Street Racing Zooms into Houston June 24 and June 25

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Dig Night Street Racing has created a safer alternative to illegal street racing by involving police, wreckers, EMS, and a sound location with concrete barriers. It’s being called the “biggest street race in the world.”

Racers who prefer street texture will rejoice since the NRG parking lot in Houston will have an unprimed surface for the upcoming races. Organizer Jerrod Thompson told the Houston Press that an unprepared track actually evens the playing field for different levels of cars since the skill of the driver will outweigh the quality of the car. Some of the racing cars will be “completely tricked out” while others may be more basic but still full of vigor.

The course will be a straight shot for one-eighth of a mile allowing drivers to reach speeds of up to 200 mph. A cash prize and bragging rights are up for grabs for the drivers.

Thompson says many of the drivers have a large fan base, “The racers are very accommodating. They love to show off, sign autographs. Many have T-shirts with their likeness and their cars on them.” Extra incentives for spectators to buy a ticket include live music, vendors, and time with the drivers. The street race takes place this weekend — June 24 and June 25.