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Texas Girls’ Lemonade Stand Raises a Huge Amount for Dallas Police

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When awful occurrences keep taking place in the world, one can’t help but feel bombarded by pessimism and helplessness to stop it. Two Texas girls, ages 11 and 12-years-old, felt terrible for the families of the Dallas shooting, but they didn’t let negativity stop them from taking action.

The young girls, Landry Nelon and Lauren Roach, set up a lemonade stand on their street in North Dallas. Along with help from 9-year-old Emmy Roberts and her 8-year-old sister Lily, the group of girls ended up raising $10,000 in two days!

Lauren told NBC DFW, “At first we thought we would get about a $100, but after we got to about $5,000, we realized we could really get this really high.” Landry added, “We just really feel that every little penny counted.”

The girls and the giving hearts of the public impressed Lauren’s mother, Tracey. She said, “People were just driving by. They didn’t want lemonade, they didn’t want anything, just giving them 20s, 50s, you name it, just giving money. And everybody saying, ‘Back the blue, back the blue, we support Dallas, we support families, help Dallas become a better place.'”

The girls were certainly proud to present the hefty lemonade stand check to the Dallas police headquarters before the candlelight vigil last week.