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Liberty Whataburger Makes Generous Win-Win Offer to Employees & Community During Rebuild Process

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After a fire consumed the Liberty, Texas, Whataburger franchise on May 31, locals mourned its loss on social and mainstream media. After Liberty Assistant Fire Chief Steven Grimm identified that the building was a total loss, fans of the popular establishment took to Twitter and Facebook to share their grieving messages and try to console one another.

At the time, the franchise president, William Tamminga, (Liberty representative under the BurgerWorks Texas LLC franchise), said in a statement, “We are relieved no one was injured in the fire, and we’re currently working to determine the cause and extent of the damage. Once we have more details, we’ll get to work either repairing or rebuilding the restaurant. We are so grateful to the Liberty Fire Department for their brave efforts and appreciate all our Liberty customers for their support during this time.” Well, the time has now come to rebuild and going even one step better, the Whataburger franchise has offered to keep its workers employed while the restaurant is being repaired!

Liberty Whataburger Make Generous Win-Win Offer to Employees & Community During Rebuild Process

Photo: Facebook/Jake Thonsgaard


According to a recent Facebook post by The Vindicator, the local Whataburger franchise has made the extraordinary offer to keep all of its workers actually working over the course of the rebuilding process for the fire-damaged Liberty restaurant. Citing information that was shared from a Liberty City Council meeting by Councilor Libby Simonson as well as Gary Broz, city manager, The Vindicator noted that the local Whataburger had offered to pay all of its employees for working temporarily at local non-profits until their restaurant is completed.

Liberty Whataburger Make Generous Win-Win Offer to Employees & Community During Rebuild Process

Photo: Facebook/HomeGrown Texan

In a win-win situation, the Liberty Whataburger employees will get to keep working for pay, local non-profits will get the summer help they often so desperately need (at no additional cost,) and the Whataburger franchise will get to keep its already well-trained staff. Broz identified that as a result, qualified local 501(c)(3) establishments wanting to take advantage of the generous offer would be wise to contact the Liberty-Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce for more information.


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