This Company Makes Lifelike Stuffed Animals of Your Pet

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Winter is a tough time for those who have lost a pet. The urge to snuggle up with an old furry pal and watch Netflix or read a book remains long after the pet has passed. But there’s a company that can help alleviate that yearning. Cuddle Clones can provide customers with a stuffed animal version of their pet. These stuffed critters are completely customized and look exactly like one’s furry friend!

Those who want a Cuddle Clone send the company photos of their pet along with detailed info and answers to customization questions concerning ear and tail position. The end result is surprisingly accurate as seen from photos on their Instagram account.

Whether you want to memorialize a pet that’s passed on, or you just want to confuse your current pet with their clone, a Cuddle Clone costs about $250 (for dogs, cats, or larger pets), and $180 for smaller pets like rabbits or guinea pigs. They take about 6 – 8 weeks to arrive. And in addition to stuffed clones, they also make custom golf club covers, Christmas stockings, and slippers that look like your pet. Cuddle Clones will even make a replacement stuffed animal if you have a photo of an old favorite that you miss from your youth! Get started on your order here.