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‘The Lion Guard’ Exhibit to Open at Baylor’s Mayborn Museum

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Shared on the website for Baylor University (at the link available here), the “Disney Junior: The Lion Guard” exhibit will be open from January 18 to May 10, 2020 at the Mayborn Museum in Waco. This exciting exhibit will have children training as a team member for the Lion Guard “to protect the balance of the Circle of Life.” Your young ones will be able to experience interactive activities and imaginative play while learning the importance of teamwork.

‘The Lion Guard’ Exhibit to Open at Baylor’s Mayborn Museum

Photo: Facebook/Disney Junior

Likewise, while being great fun for the kids, kids-at-heart will also love this exhibit. Although Disney character live appearances aren’t a part of the Mayborn Museum activities, there are some hands-on challenges that will allow people of all ages to experience the best of the Lion Guard teamwork credo and have some fun doing so. “Explore the Pride Lands with Kion and his friends!” the website notes. Visitors to the exhibit will “train” in the Lion Guard secret lair and make use of each of the unique traits of its team members, Kion, Bunga, Fuli, Ono, Beshte, and Anga. Rafiki even manages to make an appearance, greeting guests and introducing them to the world of the Lion Guard.

‘The Lion Guard’ Exhibit to Open at Baylor’s Mayborn Museum

Photo: Facebook/Rattles & Heels

The Mayborn Museum Lion Guard exhibit will feature a variety of activities each guest can participate in. Bunga’s Adventure is called “Saving Kalinda’s Egg,” in which kids can spend time in a baobab tree, reaching for its fruit, searching for grubs, and recovering stolen eggs. For Beshte’s part, the “Too Much Rain” activity includes building a bridge over a flooded river to save baby animals from a pending landslide. Ono’s activity is called “Looking for Trouble,” in which museum guests survey the Pride Lands from high in the sky, looking for any dangers that might present themselves! And Kion’s adventure is called “Hevi Kabisa,” where visitors will follow him through the Pride Lands in search of a baby zebra to return to his mother. In the process, participants will confront Janja, a young male hyena from the Outlands, together with his pack, which can be sent scurrying back to where they came from with a giant roar! Finally, those who wish to join the Lion Guard can complete a joint mission and earn “The Mark of the Guard.”

There’s a great variety of exciting things to see and do at this upcoming Maybron Museum Lion Guard exhibit in Waco, not to mention a variety of great photo opportunities to share your family fun. Tickets for the Lion Guard exhibit are free for Baylor students and museum members. Or rates are set at $9 for adults, $8 for seniors, and $7 for kids between the ages of 2 and 12 years.