Listing for Home Goes Viral Due to Plethora of Cute/Creepy Clown Memorabilia

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Someone looking for a nice house in Ontario, Canada found a listing for a wonderfully kept older home on, but they were shocked to see how the owners decorated their 748 square foot abode. The listing says that the same owners have lived in the bungalow for 30 years, and that it’s “on quiet street close to schools and parks. Cozy and gently lived in. Meticulously maintained,” but they don’t mention the most interesting aspect of the photos – the massive clown collection.

Perhaps it’s the upcoming release of the remake of Stephen King’s “It,” or it’s leftover anxiety from the clown crimes and sightings of 2016 that have so many people on edge when it comes to the clown memorabilia. The real estate listing has gone viral with warnings and morbid curiosity about the “creepiness.”

Logically, it stands to reason that the homeowners aren’t trying to create some sort of prison for a person with a clown phobia (coulrophobia), they obviously enjoy the items that colorfully adorn their home. VICE reached out to the son of the elderly couple who lives in the home. He said that the clown items are like a celebration of sobriety. “My stepdad had a drinking issue as perceived by my mother. Every clown represents a bottle of beer that he would have bought,” he said. With that in mind, the house looks much more sweet than sinister, even to those with coulrophobia.