Little Girl and a Fawn Form an Adorable Instant Friendship

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Sometimes we find friends in the strangest of places, like this case of a little girl and a fawn that happened to stumble into her yard.

Little Maya and her family were unpacking after coming home from a canoe trip when they suddenly saw a newborn fawn wandering into their front yard. The fawn was immediately drawn to Maya, and the two hit it off right away.

As seen in the video, Maya is so gentle and loving toward the little deer — lightly petting it and letting it smell her. Maya’s father, Brad Herring, says in the caption of the video that the family believed the fawn’s mother must have been in the woods recuperating after giving birth.

After the tiny fawn follows Maya around for a while, she leads it back out into the woods so the mother can find it. The family posted an update on the video saying they later spotted a doe and her fawn in their backyard and they believe it was in fact Maya’s little friend.

Check out this sweet video of a kind-hearted little girl and her precious little buddy.