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The Little Ice Cream Shop Serving Up Happiness One Scoop at a Time

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Brown knows children are a key component to the success of the frozen dessert industry. He jokingly said once children are hooked on his product, their parents will not be far behind.

Unlike other mint ice creams found on the market, Brown’s lacks the distinct green color that separates it from other flavors. This is due to the lack of artificial dyes being added to the mixture. “The common food colorings you get at the store are petroleum based,” said Brown, “it does something to [children’s] brains. For the present time, I’m just not comfortable putting any of the colorings into our ice cream.”

Brown compensates for the ingredients he leaves out by adding others he considers superior. Mint chocolate chip makes up for its lack of color with a bold mint zest, courtesy of mint leaves added during processing. Classic strawberry receives an upgrade in the form of fresh strawberry slices. Exceptional ingredients are why Brown said he believes his product is the best tasting ice cream in Texas. Additionally, Brown is always working to perfect his recipes and try new things. His newest creation, a blueberry flavor, offers customers a sugar-free, low-calorie option.

David Brown Owner of Happy Scoops
When asked why visitors to Burnet should satisfy their sweet tooth at Happy Scoops, Brown said without hesitation, “Because we’re the best. I’ve had customers say our ice cream is better than Blue Bell.” That is a big claim from a small shop, but can Happy Scoops back it up? Five-star reviews on Yelp and the shop’s Facebook page would certainly indicate that customers are impressed with the quality of the product Brown is serving.