Live Without These 5 Items? Not Us Texans

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Texans love almost everything. A few of us even love the rattlers that hang out down here in the Lone Star State. Our extravagant bragging and doing can earn us the reputation of Drama Queens and Kings, but hang on. A Texas twang and an over-the-top way of life are normal for Texans. Choosing things we can’t live without is difficult for us, but here’s five to start the list.

1. An Ice-Cold Beer

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Texans love beer, and one of the oldest beers in Texas is the Lone Star. After Adolphus Busch and partners arrived in San Antonio way back in 1883, they built the Lone Star Brewery. A year later, the brewers produced several labels, including the Alamo label, after all, they were in the Alamo City. The brewery operated until prohibition forced closure in 1918. A sad day, right? Texans celebrated in 1933 when the brewery re-opened. Pabst purchased the Lone Star in 1999. The Lone Star heritage and label were returned in 2012. You’ll find plenty of beer at Texas backyard barbecues and tailgate parties.

2. Barbecue

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And speaking of Barbecues, Texans can’t get enough of this staple. Meat cooked on a grill or with smoke is universally called barbecue. Texans eat it with our without sauce, but many Texans will tell you the barbecue is better savored without sauce unless, of course, the meat is basted with the stuff as it cooks. The event is a bonding experience among neighbors and friends. Texans love to cook it, compete with it, and argue over it. Ancient Caddo Indians in East Texas and Louisiana roasted venison over open fires. Fire up the grill, throw a variety of meats on the thing, and wait for the crowd to come over. The aroma alone will bring them, and don’t forget to offer spicy peppers when eating time comes.

3. Spicy Peppers

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Jalapeños are a favorite, especially when they’re served alongside Tex-Mex food. From mild to hot, these little emerald peppers pack a wallop of flavor. Many Texans prefer them pickled while others from the Lone Star state crave fresh nibbles. But alas! Texans may eat more of these spicy peppers with beer, barbecue, and Tex-Mex dishes than other U.S. citizens, but California is the number one producer of the little jewels. Texas comes in third place as a grower, but we claim first place in the eating category.

4. Friday Night Lights

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From an early age, Texans develop a love for football. Youth leagues, high school, college, or professional, Texans love the game. Teams begin preseason practice in the scorching Texas sun and finish the season with bowl games in early January. A book, a movie, and a TV series, “Friday Night Lights,” featured our love for high school football. Texas has two NFL teams: The Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans. The rivalry between the two never ends. You’ll see a lot of tailgating, barbecue, and beer in parking lots at pro games, and beer, barbecue, and jalapeños add to the fun.

5. Our Country Music Favorites


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Texans can’t do without country music kings and queens. We’ll put on our boots and kick up a fuss if you try to keep us from ’em. Nothing goes better with beer and barbecue than a good ole Texas hoedown featuring music by our Texas born and bred favorites.