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Llano Earth Art Fest Defies Gravity: World Rock Stacking Championship

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The 5th annual Llano Earth Art Fest (LEAF) is being held at Grenwelge Park in Llano, Texas, on the banks of the Llano River, March 15 – 18, 2019. If you’re a professional rock stacker, you’re going to want to build up your physical and mental strength in the days and weeks ahead. What’s rock stacking? An ancient art of gathering and arranging rocks into awe-inspiring structures, some which seem to defy the law of gravity, rock stacking has been brought back to life in the Texas Hill Country in an annual competition held at LEAF. You’re going to want to see this!

Those participating in the craft often spend hours searching for the perfect rocks to make their design. They haul them to their site and attentively work to balance them upon each other, creating impressive works of art. The World Rock Stacking Championship is an integral component of the Llano Earth Art Fest, drawing participants from throughout the state and beyond to compete for top honors. Located one block from Llano’s historic downtown, LEAF was designed as an interactive experience for all ages, featuring wonderfully expressive pieces from artists who are known internationally for their ability to engage with nature in their medium. The largest event of its kind, visitors are welcomed to view these works of art in a setting that allows for that same engagement to take place, all in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Llano Earth Art Fest Defies Gravity: World Rock Stacking Championship
Photo: Facebook/Llano Earth Art Fest

The rock stacking component features skill competitions including the tallest stack, most artistic, best balance, and best arches. And you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy it or join in the fun! The competition is open to professionals as well as amateurs alike, in ages ranging from 8 years and up. The finished products appear to have been placed as if by magic. The creativity and freestyling which can be employed is a wonder to behold. LEAF also holds design and skill workshops for those who have yet to try their hand at it!

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