Lobster Grilled Cheese is the Sandwich Your Life has Been Missing

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Although lobster is typically associated with Maine, the Texas market for this mouthwatering marine crustacean is heating up. And with good reason! On its own, it’s a delicious dish served with melted butter, and it tends to lend itself nicely to a romantic or special-occasion meal. Its appearance is that of something from another world (almost), and the design and flare with which it’s cooked and served is stunning. But chefs and home cooks are finding that lobster can be used in many other unique food offerings, including soup, lobster rolls, pasta dishes, and now lobster grilled cheese.

You read that right. The amazing cheesy goodness that comes from a grilled sandwich such as this is only intensified by the deliciousness of the lobster. Served as a lobster grilled cheese, it results in a heightened flavor of the meat, and a satisfying meal you won’t soon forget. The lobster meat needs to be fresh for this sandwich to reach the taste factor that it’s known for. However, the rich, buttery, sweetness together with the tang of a sharp cheddar (and the amazing taste of the salty, buttered bread) is a contrast you’ll fall in love with.


Lobster Grilled Cheese is the Sandwich Your Life has Been Missing

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Key ingredients of this recipe include:

Pre-cooked fresh lobster meat

White bread

Salted butter

Cheddar cheese

Chopped, fresh herbs shares all the juicy details for making the masterpiece that is the lobster grilled cheese sandwich. From all of the fresh ingredients, measurements, and preparation instructions to the presentation of the finished product, this site delivers on a sandwich you’ll want time and again. With a 10-minute preparation time and a 20-minute cooking time, this is a meal worthy of a weeknight even! The recipe serves four people. However, if you’re feeling particularly peckish, there’s nothing saying this couldn’t serve two particular hungry lobster fans. For those us looking to dodge the heat this summer, it also makes for a short time in the kitchen, and a full meal can quickly be had by adding some pickles, a side of chips and dip, or even a light salad. If you’re looking for a video tutorial, there’s one available on the site. However, the level of difficulty for the preparation of this sandwich is listed as a one, so you’re probably going to be able to throw this together like a master chef in no time flat!