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Local Meteorologist Reassuring Voice Throughout Hurricane Harvey

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Jeff Lindner, Harris County Flood Control District’s Meteorologist, is being hailed as a hero for his dedicated reports throughout Hurricane Harvey. His tireless updates making sure the entire community was informed about the impending dangers and alerts due to the storm is credited with saving many lives.

Lindner, 35 years old, was straightforward, concise and a reassuring voice to many as he gave updates on televised conferences, and through his Twitter posts about rising waters throughout the cities reservoirs, and bayous. “To the multitudes worrying about whether flood waters were inching closer to their homes, Mr. Lindner, with his blue button-down shirt, government lanyard around his neck and disheveled, close-cropped hair, has become a no-nonsense hero,” stated an article in The Wall Street Journal.

Lindner seemed to have been on TV nonstop as he provided updates on the level of waters rising all around the city. In a statement by abc13.com, “A woman who was helping her father evacuate on a boat shared her gratitude for Lindner with ABC13 reporter Courtney Fischer. “Jeff Lindner is my hero,” Diane Rahn said,”

In response to such outcries of gratitude such as that of Rahn, Lindner states,”It has been my honor to get accurate and concise information out to help as many as we could to make the best decisions.” In another instance, the Wall Street Journal shared that a woman credits Lindner for saving her from having to be evacuated by boat after water flooded her home. Emma McGarity says she heeded Lindner advice to leave as the Addicks Reservoir was overflowing into homes, even though her home has never flooded. Upon return, her home had 6 to 8 inches of water.

One Houstonian even started a GoFundMe account to provide Lindner with a much-needed break for his tireless efforts. His dedication to providing answers via TV and social media to the concerned public is to be commended. His calm composure and expertise shined much-needed assurance to those seeking answers and assistance through the severity of the storm. Although, as a government official he is unable to accept the donations made through the GoFundMe account, he said he would like to donate the funds to flood victims in need.

“It’s overwhelming what has happened to our community,” he said in a press release from Harris County. “I’ve just been doing my job and I really wanted to get out to the residents what I would want to hear if I were sitting on the other end,” shared abc13.com.