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Locomotive Plant in Fort Worth Getting Back to Business as Usual

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General Electric’s locomotive plant situated in Fort Worth will soon be back to putting out new railroad equipment following a couple of down years in the business. Located near the Texas Motor Speedway, the enormous plant in north Fort Worth recently got an order from Canadian National Railway for 200 locomotives, which is enough to keep facility workers busy for three years.

Officially known as GE Manufacturing Solutions, the plant will commence the building of the locomotives in 2018. “We are bullish on the North American economy and on our ability to compete and win new business with our superior service model,” Luc Jobin, president and chief executive officer of Canadian National Railway, said in a statement. “In the years ahead, these GE Transportation locomotives and their digital technology will support and enhance our operational efficiency.”

The locomotives are diesel-powered and listed as Tier 4 and Tier 3 (Tier 4 certified) Evolution Series. Known for their train handling, optimal power distribution, brake control and fuel efficiency, this huge order comes approximately one month after John Flannery, GE chief executive announced that the company would more than likely be selling or spinning off locomotive operations in an effort to realign corporate priorities. This would have included $20 billion in assets. In the meantime, Rafael Santana, the chief executive officer of GE Transportation, stated, “CN’s steadfast commitment to serving the expanding needs of its customers across Canada and the United States is helping to turn around the North American locomotive market. We are proud to partner with CN on this agreement to meet the needs of their future growth, and optimize and further digitize their freight rail operations.”

The plant in Fort Worth opened for business in 2013, with a promise of bringing approximately 700 jobs to the state of Texas. However, recently, it has done layoffs as orders from railroads diminished. GE’s locomotive division also makes locomotives for Union Pacific Railroad, Fort Worth-based BNSF Railway, CSX, and others in foreign countries.