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Lone Star Flight Museum Re-Opening at Ellington Airport in Houston

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If you looked up into the sky on Tuesday, August 15, from somewhere under a flight path running from Galveston to Houston, you would have had the pleasure of viewing a free air show of sorts when vintage military aircraft were flown to their new home.

The Lone Star Flight Museum, which originally opened at Scholes International Airport in Galveston in 1990 was badly damaged by flooding during Hurricane Ike in 2008. By 2011, officials of the museum, which had also been the home of the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame, as declared in 1995 by the state legislature, announced that a move to Houston from Galveston was pending, in order to locate farther from the storms that come off the Gulf of Mexico.

Lone Star Flight Museum Re-Opening at Ellington Airport in Houston

Photo: Facebook/Lone Star Flight Museum

In a report by NBC DFW, museum spokeswoman Katie Jackman identified on Wednesday, August 16, that the planes were in the process of being prepped for their September 2 reopening in Houston, at Ellington Airport. The dozens of planes in question were flown there by volunteers experienced in such aircraft as the B-17 bomber which was transported to its new location, approximately 50 miles in flight. Ironically, due to Hurricane Harvey and its extremities, the grand opening of the Lone Star State Flight Museum in Houston was postponed to September 16, to ensure all effective cleanup and preparation was complete.

Lone Star Flight Museum Re-Opening at Ellington Airport in Houston

Photo: Facebook/Keith Snyder Via Lone Star Flight Museum

In her original interview, Jackman explained that the new complex in Houston, at a cost of $38 million, would include interactive exhibits, aircraft displays, and educational programs. Tickets went on sale previously on the museum’s website, for the grand re-opening of the facility, which is now located at 11551 Aerospace Avenue in Houston. However, considering the timing and the effects of Hurricane Harvey, the museum recently posted on their Facebook page that they would be accepting Pay-What-You-Can admission from September 16 to October 1, 2017. Due to the excitement that this pending date has developed amongst followers, the staff and volunteers are anticipating a great opening-week turnout!