Reality Series ‘Lone Star Law’ Returns for Second Season Following Texas Game Wardens

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Animal Planet debuted the second season of their original reality series, “Lone Star Law, “ on January 7th. The series features the men and women of the Texas Game Wardens who protect more than a quarter-million square miles of deserts, lakes, piney woods, bayous, plains and coast in the second-largest state in the U.S.

Texas Game Warden Officers Are Always on the Go

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Photo: Facebook/LoneStarLaw

Whether rushing to investigate poaching cases, save flash-flood victims, disrupt illegal smuggling rings, or rescue injured wildlife, the officers are always on the go–defending both animals and citizens. Animal Planet expands its family of wildlife law enforcement series, adding to Maine’s “North Woods Law,” with this latest offering that follows the elite patrol force in Texas. “Lone Star Law” airs on the Animal Planet channel on Sundays at 9 p.m. (central).

Best Trained Officers of Their Kind

Texas Game Warden

Photo: Facebook/LoneStarLaw

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department considers its game wardens to be the best trained officers of their kind in the nation. During training, new recruits get their hands dirty with a live exercise involving catching alligators and duct-taping their mouths closed. This is important because game wardens are often the ones called to respond to situations involving alligators who have strayed into populated areas.

Wildlife officers in Texas must also train for serious criminal situations involving poachers. Through an anonymous program that began in 1981, Texas has paid out cash rewards to the tune of $195,000 to residents who have turned in poachers.

Only the strongest candidates make it through the selective application process to qualify for game warden training in Texas. Preparing to become a game warden in Texas is a multi-year process that can start by planning for a college degree.

To learn more about becoming a Texas Game Warden, visit the website for Game Warden Education.