Lone Star Pride Drives the Booming Texas Wine Industry to New Heights

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In recent years, the Texas wine industry has become a force to be reckoned with. According to a report by the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, this industry has contributed $13.1 billion to the state’s economy last year alone (based on statistics from the National Association of American Wineries), and shows no signs of slowing in the near future. Keeping in mind there are only a little over 4K vineyard acres throughout Texas, that’s considerably impressive.

Not the only driver of this sector but what appears to be a large share of it is the fact that Texans love and support goods produced in the Lone Star State. Elizabeth Hill, co-owner of Burklee Hill Vineyards in the Texas High Plains, has noted that Texans take great pride in their state and often prefer to drink Texas wine over that of California or other states. Not unlike many other areas (such as sports, barbecue, and simply “being” Texan), Texas pride has been integral in driving the growing Texas wine industry. The increased demand for wine grapes which are grown right here in Texas is an additional factor. Texas is now the fourth highest-producing wine state in America, and most wineries in the state are choosing to focus exclusively on Texas wine.

Lone Star Pride Drives the Booming Texas Wine Industry to New Heights

Photo: Facebook/William Chris Vineyards

With a similar passion for great Texas product, Chris Brundrett of William Chris Vineyards recently stated, “We’re making wine with intention…We want to express our vineyards more, and we’re finding consumers who want to learn that, and enjoy helping us make that happen… As a result, we keep doing our work in the vineyard every other week or month, trying to express this passion we have and be good stewards of the land. And the soulfulness in these wines is starting to express itself in ways I never thought possible.” This Texas Hill Country producer is also coming out with new models of getting the finished product into the hands of the Texas consumer, with their canned wine breaking ground in new markets.

Lone Star Pride Drives the Booming Texas Wine Industry to New Heights

Photo: Facebook/High Plains Winegrowers

Katy Jane Seaton, executive director of the High Plains Wine Growers Association, explained that Texas is fast becoming a state recognized for its wine due to the increased quality as well as consumer tastes. She compared wine to art, explaining that all palates differ and the end work is open to interpretation.

Grapes are a high-income yielding crop for producers as compared to others which are grown in the High Plains part of the state. Likewise, the growers can enjoy the finished product. Seaton noted that it’s attractive to grow a crop that can ultimately be enjoyed at your own table. In addition, she said that the buyer is becoming a conscious consumer, wanting to understand where their product originated and if it brings with it a story. And who boasts a better story than west Texas farmers?