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Long Island’s Loss is Texas’ Gain: Southold Farm + Cellar Newest Addition to the Hill Country

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One year after determining that a move to the Texas Hill Country made sense, a beleaguered Long Island winery has newfound roots with which to strengthen its operations. Southold Farm + Cellar, formerly located in Southold Town, Long Island, has joined the fold in the second largest American Viticulture Area (AVA) here in Texas. When owners Regan and Carey Meador were unable to obtain necessary zoning approvals in efforts to continue their tasting room operations through the Southold Town Zoning Board of Appeals, they made the plan to pack up shop, and move to the Texas Hill Country.

Long Island’s Loss is Texas’ Gain: Southold Farm + Cellar Newest Addition to the Hill Country

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Their original plan had been to establish their tasting business and convert an existing structure on their Long Island property into a 400-square-foot wine-tasting area. Also, they had wanted to construct a 3,600-square-foot winery building. After all avenues for proper zoning approvals had been tried and declined, the Meadors took the time to weigh out their options and then sent an email to customers notifying them that the business would effectively close its doors and move to the Texas Hill Country. Mr. Meador was born and raised in Texas, and subsequently, this became a logical next step.

Long Island’s Loss is Texas’ Gain: Southold Farm + Cellar Newest Addition to the Hill Country

Photo: Facebook/Southold Farm + Cellar

After the denial process by the appeals board up north, the Meadors made several visits to the Texas Hill Country to research and confirm their decision to relocate their business to the area. Their family farm and three-bedroom home were listed for sale, and the winery’s loyal following were kept apprised of developments. They continued selling their current wine releases on their website as well as at a local northern establishment, planned to bottle and release their first vintage while they were awaiting the sale of their property. One year later, Southold Farm + Cellar has relocated to Ranch Road in Fredericksburg, and will soon be reopening their winery operations, continuing in their mission to “make wines that speak of place and time, that thrill and delight our friends, family and ourselves.” Their process includes foot stomping, lower levels of Sulphur, natural fermentations, and as little possible movement of the wine. Their approach is to only employ those methods they believe absolutely necessary for a great wine to result. In May of this year, with the hashtag #seeyouinacouplemonths, the winery’s Facebook page posted a picture update of their new building and property and prepped its existing fanbase for its much-anticipated new opening. We’re looking forward to great things from this newest Texas Hill Country winery, and welcome the Meadors and Southold Farm + Cellar to the region to continue their passion and love for winemaking, as much as we love and enjoy wine tasting!