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Group of People At Longview Park Have Public Bad Reaction to K2-Like Drug

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Last Friday, in Longview, Texas, the police department, local ambulances, and the fire department responded to Magrill Park at the 500 block of North Green Street as several people were reported as having bad reactions to K2, or synthetic marijuana. Later, KLTV reported that the drug was more specifically discovered to be “Mr. Happy,” a “K2-like substance” that had thrown each of the users into a state of distress.

Reports say that several people were treated for bad reactions. According to the Longview News-Journal, “Four patients were taken to the hospital for treatment. Two others refused EMS transport.”

KLTV uploaded a video taken at Magrill Park around 1:30 p.m. after emergency personal had arrived on the scene. The tape shows one man screaming in guttural tones while lying on the ground as an officer braces him. The surreal scene almost seems like an anti-drug ad, but the reality is that many people are having this extreme reaction to synthetic drugs.

The man sounds almost inhumane, and looks to be going through horrifying psychological turmoil. Anyone who’s considering using a K2-like drug should consider it required viewing. More information about the harmfulness of K2 and K2-like drugs can be found here.