A Look at the Multifaceted ‘Spoon of the Future’

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Bored Panda recently featured “the spoon of the future” called the Polygon. It will be made available in teaspoon and tablespoon sizes with four different measurement points each. Users only need to squeeze the colorful, flat plastic object to use it as an origami-like utensil.

Polygons can be used to spread products as well, so now no drop of honey will be wasted (like sticky substances often are in measuring spoons). As the video which shows the product in action points out, it’s also incredibly easy to clean. Since it remains flat, you don’t run the risk of splashing yourself with a stream of water shooting up from the lip of a spoon.

The Polygon spoon has about two weeks left on their Kickstarter campaign to bring the product to the masses, but they’ve already well surpassed their $10,000 goal at $674,935 and more than 24,000 backers. Keep your eye out for these incredible objects that might transform the way we look at utensils. The estimated delivery of the product for the Kickstarter rewards is in January 2017.

Your cooking utensil drawer will never look the same.