Looking for a DIY Project? Build Your Own Gel Fire Pit

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Gel fire pits are a fairly simple option for adding flair to your patio or backyard because not only are they functional, they’re also an easier DIY project that can be completed in a weekend.

Jeff from the Home Repair Tutor YouTube channel details how to build your own DIY gel fire pit in the video below, but we’ve compiled the list of materials and a note or two here.

First, you’ll want to purchase some plastic containers – the kind that you use for big, delicious summer salads or potato salad are perfect. You’ll also need Quikrete, “a margin trowel, one bucket, a palm sander, grout sponge, 60 and 150 grit sandpaper, lava rocks, and gel fuel cans.”

While that list sounds like a lot, chances are you do have these materials in your own garage or shed if you’re a homeowner. If not, all of these items can be found either at your local hardware store or at a bigger chain, such as Lowe’s.

Jeff makes a point to stress that lava rocks are essential for this project. They are designed to withstand very high amounts of heat, and therefore will not explode or ‘pop’ as the gel fire burns. Follow along as Jeff provides his detailed instruction, and enjoy your new DIY gel fire pit!