$3 Million Lottery Winner Invests It All in Meth Trafficking Ring

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Winning the lottery changes people’s lives forever, but in one man’s case, it definitely was not for the best. Last year, 45-year-old Ronnie Music, Jr. scratched off a $3 million lottery game in Georgia. Then, instead of investing in real estate or the stock market, he took his winnings and devoted them to selling huge amounts of crystal meth.

Meth is an illegal street drug in the same class as cocaine. Music, along with coconspirators, devoted time and money into a crystal meth trafficking ring that distributed the drug throughout Georgia. The group was discovered once a member was caught while attempting to sell $500,000 worth of crystal meth, weighing in at 11 pounds.

After the discovery, Music confessed to firearm and drug trafficking charges. According to the Houston Chronicle, “Agents seized over $1 million worth of methamphetamine, a large cache of firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition, multiple vehicles, and over $600,000 in cash.”

Now, only a year after winning the lottery, Music could spend decades inside a jail cell. If only he had felt satisfied by the hefty $3 million win that many scratch-off lotto ticket players can only dream about. Maybe then he would still feel like a winner.