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Houstonians Line Up for a Louis Vuitton Pop-Up Shop That Never Opened

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Skater brand Supreme collaborated with luxury brand Louis Vuitton to create an expensive line of clothing and accessories that are being highly sought after. Items from the collaboration were sold in several major cities, and a rumor sparked that a pop-up store would materialize inside of the Houston Galleria. KHOU reports that dozens of people camped out in front of the massive mall when they heard they would get a chance to purchase pieces from the very limited collection. Sadly, the pop-up never happened.

Click2Houston.com says that according to the rumor, the Louis Vuitton Supreme products would have become available on Friday morning. Some people had been camping out for a week beforehand! Around 100 people were in line when Houston police came to escort a small group inside the mall at a time to show them that there was, in fact, no pop-up store hiding inside.

Even though both resellers and fashion fans were waiting in a line for no reason for hours upon hours, it dispersed quietly and without incident. One hopeful shopper even said that they had a good time regardless. “It was a fun experience. I’m not disappointed whatsoever, but there were no items,” Rylen Robb said.