If You Love French Fries, You’ll Want to Visit These New Cafes Opening in Texas

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New York-based french fry cafe Get Fried is expanding their reach in Texas! There’s already a food truck version of the eatery in San Antonio, but according to the Get Fried website, they’re set to open a more permanent location in North Star Mall soon. And the rest of Texas shouldn’t feel left out, Get Fried plans to serve delicious fried potatoes in Deerbrook Mall in Humble, on Main Street in Deep Ellum, and near UT campus on Guadalupe in Austin by the end of 2018.

Guide Live writes that Get Fried serves more than just fries (like pizza rolls and sliders), but the main event truly is the french fries. Customers pick between “hand-cut, straight, curly, waffle, funnel or sweet potato — then choose a dipping sauce like ketchup, basil-pesto mayo or honey mustard. Or the restaurant also sells fry baskets that come piled with ingredients.”

One of the fry baskets even offers a dessert-like alternative. The “Sweet Tooth” comes with sweet potato fries, maple syrup, cinnamon, and of course, powdered sugar. Those who want to stick to a savory option might pick the “Southern Comfort,” a pile of fries with pulled pork or chicken along with BBQ sauce. See the rest of Get Fried’s mouthwatering menu here.