A Modern-Day Texas Love Story: Wine & The Texas Hill Country… How They Met

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Focusing on the booming wine industry that’s developed in the Texas Hill Country as part of the state’s viticulture sector and wine experience culture, John DeMers has shared an informative video on the YouTube channel. It’s sure to inspire viewers!

In an interview with Russell D. Kane, wine expert and author, the details are cut to the quick in this 14-minute video. It provides a brief, entertaining background on the Texas history in winemaking. Kane brings viewers up to modern-day speed with respect to how we’ve come as far as we have.

As Kane explains it, the capacity for commercial wine industry that Texas has developed began in the ’70s in the High Plains region, in the growth of the type of grapes that could be used best in such an operation. From there, winemaking and the experience of tasting great Texas Hill Country wine developed with the establishment of Fall Creek Vineyards, through which it was proven that European-style grapes could, in fact, be grown in the region. Although to this day, the majority of Texas grapes for wine production are grown in the High Plains region, the Aulers (founders of Fall Creek Vineyards) proved that grapes would thrive in the Hill Country, despite all evidence that the region was designed more for cattle and ranching.

Following that, Becker Vineyards also established in the area, bringing credibility to the argument that great grapes and, therefore, excellent wine could be produced in the Texas Hill Country. Texas wine tourism has subsequently boomed from that point on. Tours and tastings followed on the heels of vineyard establishments, making the area in and around Fredericksburg a hot spot to visit, including what is now known as the 290 Wine Trail. For full details on Kane’s concept of the development of the burgeoning wine market in Texas and how it’s created the mecca that it has in the Texas Hill Country, watch the full video above and consider reading Kane’s book entitled “Texas Hill Country Wineries,” which was published in 2016. The research and detail that lends itself nicely to a physical tasting tour and experience in this very region is something you’ll value.