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These Lovebirds Got Married in the Franklin Barbecue Line

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It seems like every time you open the morning paper, there’s another article about Franklin Barbecue in the mix. Now, you can add marriage to the list of crazy things that have happened in that line.

Massimiliano Mori and Deborah Larsen traveled from Italy to get married in the Franklin Barbecue line on Tuesday, Feb. 9. While Mori is Italian, Larsen lived for 15 years in Austin before deciding to give up this beautiful Hill Country life for Siena, Italy. Not a bad trade, really.

So what sparked the idea to wed in the line? “We just wanted to be together, and keep it simple and fun. And have barbecue,” Larsen told KVUE. Aaron Franklin obviously loved this idea, and gave the two lovebirds a small ceremony-like experience, playing “The Wedding March” while they waited. Newly married couples don’t get to skip the line, either.

However, when they finally got inside to enjoy their delicious barbecue, they were given a free pie in lieu of wedding cake. What’s better than marrying your true love? Knowing you have delicious barbecue at the end of the line you’re waiting in.

The couple will have a more formal ceremony when they return to Italy, but Mori described the day best when he told KVUE, “It’s an honor to experience this type of delicious food.”