Loving Dog Keeps Owner Alive in Freezing Temperatures

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A dog owner in Michigan is thanking his lucky stars and his best furry friend after sustaining a neck injury from slipping and falling outside his home on New Year’s Eve. Kelsey, a Golden Retriever and beloved pet of the man in question, helped to save her owner’s life by keeping him warm in 24-degree temperatures for 20 hours. After the man had lost his voice from yelling for help, Kelsey kept barking until someone found the pair.

She Stayed With Him for 20 Hours, Keeping Him Warm.

Loving Dog Keeps Owner Alive in Freezing Temperatures

Photo: Wikimedia

Bob, Kelsey’s “human”, went out to get firewood on New Year’s Eve when he slipped and fell in the snow. While lying there paralyzed and calling for help, Kelsey kept him warm until a neighbor found them twenty hours later. Bob’s daughter Jenny told 14News, an NBC affiliate, “Kelsey was licking him and barking at him and pawing at him. I can see marks on his arm from her pawing at him.”

Right Out of Surgery, She Licked His Face.

Loving Dog Keeps Owner Alive in Freezing Temperatures
Photo: Pixabay

Jenny further noted, “The last thing he remembers saying is telling Kelsey that he was so sorry, that he tried as hard as he could to stay alive.” The doctor explained that Bob sustained no injury from frostbite on any of his extremities, and he attributes that to Kelsey’s attention to her owner. Upon discovery, Bob was immediately transported to the hospital where he underwent neurosurgery. The surgery was a success, and Kelsey was happily reunited with Bob immediately afterward to show him her affection. Said his daughter, “He was right out of surgery and she licked his face, and they were crying and it was beautiful. It was everything that you would think the reunion would be.”


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