Lubbock Draws Visitors For Being Called ‘Most Boring City’

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The front page of the Visit Lubbock website reads, “Lubbock is full of must-see attractions! Don’t miss our museums, landmarks and much more!” But according to a recent visitor from California named Steve Kranz, the one thing that attracted him to the area was the fact it was dubbed “the most boring city in America” on a real estate blog years ago.

“I wanted to pick a place that I’d never been to, a city where I knew no one and basically just different from Oakland,” Kranz told Lubbock Online. “I wanted to go to a place where people would almost ask, ‘why there?’ and I remembered Lubbock…It’s more diverse than I thought…And when you think about it, we’re all similar. We’re all American.”

Lubbock Online writes that the “boring” ranking gave the city quite a bit of publicity, and it can attract those who are either looking to get away from the stress of “must-sees” or those who are seeking an ironic vacation. But as Kranz found out, and as Visit Lubbock will tell you, the city is rather large and full of interesting museums and history such as the Bayer Museum of Agriculture, Museum of Texas Tech University, and even the American Windmill Museum.