Lubbock Has Plans for a New Aquarium

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There are plans in the works to build a brand new aquarium in Lubbock, Texas that will measure around 25,000 square feet on donated land on 29th Drive, north of where Adventure Park will be built. According to KCBD, the nonprofit aquarium will join forces with Texas Tech to promote the benefits of an education in the sciences.

Officials say that the Lubbock aquarium will feature two or three stories with a restaurant, a scuba diving experience, and of course, sea creatures like jellyfish, stingrays, sharks and dolphins. Stacey Mincey with Condray Design Group also told the news channel that they hope to have a section for “mammals and reptiles such as river otters, alligators, and sea turtles.”

The new venture doesn’t have an official timeline just yet. Funding will need to be gathered from grants and donations. Mapping out the building alone will require outside help as no aquarium builders live in Lubbock. Also, it’s an expensive task to bring all of the creatures to the city. They’re expecting it to cost around $11 million to complete the project.


The Voyage to Lubbock fundraiser will be the first draw to entice the public to think about how great it would be to spend some time at the future Lubbock aquarium.