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A Lucha Libre Themed Bar Recently Opened Up in San Antonio

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Lucha libre (which translates to “free fight” in English) is what professional wrestling is known as in Mexico. Wrestlers, or luchadores, wear iconic fabric masks while performing dangerous feats for fans. In honor of this cultural phenomenon, a bar called El Luchador has opened up in Southtown in San Antonio, complete with colorful masks in an amazing display near the bar.

MySA.com spoke to one of the owners of the bar, Ricardo Briones, who says El Luchador is meant to be a friendly neighborhood bar with a cool twist. The building it’s housed in was once home to Lucha Libre events! “We wanted to honor that history and tie in the culture of Lucha libre,” he says.

The bar’s only been open for a week, but people have already latched onto its design. “The infamous wrestler, Santo has his posters everywhere here. Santo is probably the most famous Mexican wrestler of all time- he was in so many movies, and beat up vampires, werewolves, and even aliens. The bar has a bunch of great masks from many of my favorite wrestlers! This place is really on to something,” Curt C. wrote on Yelp.

El Luchador is located at 622 Roosevelt and will be home to rotating food trucks, as well.

Come have a drink with me till 10 enjoy our soft open prices.

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Shirts 20.00 prints 10.00 popcorn 3 and 4 dollars. Come join us.

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