See Willie Nelson’s Son Revive His Dad’s Beloved ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’ Ad

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The Nelson family is a fixture here in the Hill Country, and Lukas carries on his father’s tradition with a new “Don’t Mess With Texas” anti-littering ad.

It’s hard not to walk down the street in Texas without hearing a comment about Willie or his legacy. However, his son Lukas is making a name for himself, too, by following the playbook of his good ol’ dad. The Texas Department of Transportation’s wildly popular ad series, “Don’t Mess With Texas”, calls for you to treat Texas like someone you love.

In this 30th anniversary spot, Lukas is in the same position as his dad, Willie, and their songs are juxtaposed together. The resemblance is striking, from the red-black outfit combinations to the lone stool on the highway. That red, white, and blue barrel with the slogan on it is presence, too.

This ad campaign is so great that it’s actually made a huge amount of money for the TxDOT. The spots can be bought and sold by the Department and have made their appearances in everything from music videos to movies. The revenue earned from the project goes back into the state of Texas, which makes these ads even sweeter.

The next time you consider littering, remember the Nelsons’ words: treat Texas like someone you love.