LuLaRoe Partners With Disney & the Internet Loses Its Mind

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Disney’s D23 Expo took place at the Anaheim Convention Center July 14-16, and although that’s often newsworthy in itself, the big story was how the internet is going wild for the latest LuLaRoe Disney patterns and fabric offerings! Most popular with Millennial and GenX moms, LuLaRoe is an online women’s clothing retailer whose leggings are the latest must-have, and can only be “had” online.

LulaRoe Partners With Disney & The Internet Loses Its Mind

Photo: Facebook/Lularoe Shelly Aslin

With its products sold via authorized consultants through social media groups that are members-only (and sometimes on sites such as eBay, but shh…) the company first announced its partnership with Disney in the spring of this year. And, although it has provided little details on potential offerings, the preliminary releases included Minnie Mouse patterns, but have now exploded to include Mickey, The Little Mermaid, Woody and Buzz Lightyear of “Toy Story,” and so much more!

LulaRoe Partners With Disney & The Internet Loses Its Mind

Photo: Facebook/LuLaRoe Ali Quinn

Rumor has it that Disney villains will also be released at a future date closer to Halloween, but for now, Disney fans are going crazy for the patterns, and it appears LuLaRoe has hit the cartoon character jackpot. For women who have had a love of Disney ever since they were little, these products have made their dreams come true. Not only do they get to sell this merchandise, but of course their wish list has now expanded, tenfold.

LulaRoe Partners With Disney & The Internet Loses Its Mind

Photo: Facebook/Lularoe Erin Williams

According to reports, LuLaRoe consultants have just now been introduced to the products and started to view the new inventory. Expect to quickly see Instagram, Twitter, and of course, plenty of Facebook posts in the immediate future, flashing Disney emblazoned materials and leggings galore! Texas fans of the company will be making their lists and checking them twice, before Christmas most definitely! How many of y’all think LuLaRoe should partner with Texas colleges? Wouldn’t it be great to have your school team emblem on a pair of those comfy leggings?! LuLaRoe Longhorns has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?