This Luxury Nail Salon Offers a $60,000 Manicure Complete With Diamonds

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Top Knot recently highlighted a manicure of epic (financial) proportions. At the Images Luxury Nail Lounge in Newport Beach, wealthy customers can get a $60,000 manicure with diamonds on each finger.

The extravagant nail art comes with other beauty treatments like a massage, facial, Botox, and eyelash extensions, but the most alluring part is definitely the diamonds placed on top of each nail with the use of a drill and glue. The accent nails (typically the ring fingers) have the most extravagant stones, which are placed like a piercing through the acrylic nail.

In 2015, KTLA featured a story on the salon’s over-the-top manicures. At the time, they said they only offered an up to $25K manicure, but due to high demand, they’ve upped the ante. The salon shuts down when someone books their ultimate lux treatment, and the customer must come in for a consultation with a jeweler before their big day. And after they’ve worn the nails for a while, they will return to the salon to have the stones removed professionally since their methods of adhering the gems are so strong.

The Images website shows that they offer “normal” services as well where a customer can get a similar manicure with rhinestones for a much lower price.