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Like the Selena-Inspired Makeup Collection, MAC Will Release an Ode to Aaliyah

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MAC released a line of makeup items inspired by Selena last year, and fans quickly scooped up the products that were (and still are) in incredibly high demand. Those who were lucky enough to get their hands on lipsticks like Como La Flor or Dreaming of You were ecstatic to have a small connection to the late singer since the makeup colors were specifically pulled from Selena’s own makeup collection kept by her family.

Now, MAC is honoring another female singer who made a huge impact on her fans and died way too soon. The new Aaliyah collection will come out in summer 2018, according to Chron.com. The news says that 30,000 people signed a petition started in 2015 to encourage MAC to create the collection.

Aaliyah was an R&B singer with hits such as “Are You That Somebody” and “Try Again.” Star 2 says that she passed away in a plane crash in the Bahamas shortly after filming her last music video for “Rock the Boat.” “Eight others were killed in the same incident including a family friend, members of her record company and a make-up artist,” they report. Aaliyah was only 22-years-old.