Watch as a Group of Macaws Visit a Woman’s Home for Breakfast

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In this short video titled “Breakfast with Macaws,” viewers get a peek at apartment life in Baruta, Caracas, Venezuela for one family who chooses to give a group of wild macaws a bite to eat for breakfast every morning. “The birds arrived on the balcony, as they usually do every day,” ViralHog writes in the video description as the only additional bit of detail other than the location of this beautiful happening.

According to National Geographic, macaws are omnivores that can live for up to 60 years. Their incredibly strong beaks can easily crack into nuts, and their tongue has a small bone in it that allows them to tap into fruit.

“The coloring is suited to life in Central and South American rain forests, with their green canopies and colorful fruits and flowers,” National Geographic writes. Since they’re social creatures, they fly in a flock of around 20 birds. Check out this particular flock that knows where to dine for breakfast each morning in the video below.

Warning: If you’re wearing headphones or watching this video in public, remember that macaws are very loud, and their first screech will make you jump if the volume is too loud!