Must See Magic: David Blaine’s Appearance on Jimmy Fallon

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With his child-like sense of wonder, host Jimmy Fallon can barely contain himself as David Blaine takes him and The Tonight Show Band, The Roots, through some perplexing card tricks. All they can do is laugh in astonishment as Blaine seems to read Jimmy’s mind and then somehow transports cards straight into a band member’s hand.

If you read through some of the comments on the YouTube page where the video is uploaded, you can see how some people have figured out aspects of the classic card tricks. There’s also a video a magician made after the appearance to show Blaine’s technique. But even when you learn how the tricks are done, Blaine’s showmanship and the reaction from The Roots and Jimmy make the video even more enjoyable to watch again.

The most shocking aspect of David Blaine’s late night appearance comes at the end of the clip. Blaine is more than just a card trick magician, he’s also a mind-bending performance artist. He somehow has figured out how to train his body to do something so insane and unbelievable that it’s hard to even figure out how he came up with the trick before ever attempting it!