Penguin the Magpie Even Sleeps With Her Adopted Human Family

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Noah found a baby magpie who had been blown down from its nest. It was alone and injured so he convinced his parents, Cameron and Sam, to help take care of the creature. The family named the magpie Penguin, and after taking on the big task of rehabilitating the young bird, it became part of the family.

Sometimes the bird flies away for a day or so and then flies back into the home like it never left. “While she will always be a part of our family Penguin does not belong to us. The world is hers to explore and she regularly travels elsewhere, sometimes for days at a time; probably to find an uncontested area of her own,” Cameron writes on

The unique bond the family maintains with this wild creature has given them hope, love, and excitement during a time they needed it most. As Upworthy reports, Penguin was found a short time after Sam had broken her back and had to stay in the hospital for seven months due to brain swelling and losing the ability to walk.

Feeling a tad lonely this morning as all the boys left me for the warmth of Italy.

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Now, there’s even a book written about Penguin with the byline, “The odd little bird who saved a family.”

Front row seats. – But not at home now. I will let you all know when I come home.

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