Learn How to Make Color Changing Lemonade This Summer

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This summer, you can find limitless tutorials on how to make color changing lemonade, mojitos, tea, and slushes, so why not try a batch? But before you get too excited about this newest incarnation of the galaxy obsession, you may need to place an order on for a special ingredient.

As ThreadBanger explains in her YouTube video, the key ingredient in making your color changing drink of choice is butterfly pea flowers. These gorgeous bluish purple flowers can be used to make a tea that is bright blue in hue, but they’re not always easy to find in local stores, so it may take a trip to a specialty shop or an online order.

Once lemon juice is introduced to the blue tea, it transforms to a purple/pink! Left Brain Craft Brain explains, “Butterfly pea flowers contain a vivid blue pigment called anthocyanin. Anthocyanin has a unique capability to act as an indicator. Meaning it changes color as the pH changes. It appears bright blue at high (basic) pH’s and transitions to a vivid pink at low (acidic) pH’s.”

Learn how to make your own batch of lemonade here, slushy here, and cocktails here, and experiment with your own formulas to create a unique color changing summer beverage.

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