How to Make Your Own Farmer’s Cheese

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There are two important food groups: barbecue and cheese. While that is a joke, there’s no joking when it comes to being able to make your own farmer’s cheese.

In this quick three minute video, Georgia Pellegrini shows how to quickly and easily make your own cheese in the time it takes you to run errands during the day.

Calling this farmer’s cheese, she details the steps thoroughly and explains the chemical reactions that help form cheese so you truly understand how its made. Her best tip is to use raw milk or as un-pasteurized as you can find so that your cheese comes together in an easier manner.


All you have to do is warm the milk, add the lemon juice, and strain in a cheesecloth. Hang that little ball of deliciousness up to dry on, as she says, a doorknob or a cabinet with a bowl to catch the liquid, and you’re off to enjoy your day.

You’ll come home to a more solid round of your own homemade cheese, which you can then flavor with either savory additions, like garlic or hot sauce, or sweet ones. I always prefer a savory cheese, but what would you add to yours?

Or, if you normally make cheese, do you tend to add anything at all?